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Truth and Reconciliation


Focus on Indian Residential Schools

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List of Schools
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St. Michael's Indian Residential School at Alert Bay, British Columbia - Photo by George Ecker

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Native schools and stolen generations: U.S. and Canada

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Videos of Residential School Survivor Stories

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Indian Residential Schools
Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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Residential School Survivors
"Crisis" Line
Available Across Canada - 24 Hours a Day
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Healing the Legacy of Residential Schools
Where Are The Children?

Education and Awareness
Legacy of Hope

June 11, 2008
Canada's Apology
- - - - - - -
1000 Conversations Across Canada on Reconciliation

- - -

"Breaking the Silence: International conference
on the Indian residential schools commission of Canada"

- - -

Background - UPDATES
Negotiation - Settlement - Compensation

Our Spirits Don't Speak English: Indian Boarding School

Fallen Feathers

- - - - - - -
Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada
Federal Government

Historical Overview
The Indian Residential School system was expressly established to eradicate Aboriginal languages and culture and to kill the Indian in the child. The Royal Commission - Chapter 10 of RCAP - NOTE this is a .pdf file

- - - - - - -

Canada's Residential Schools
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Aboriginal Healing Foundation

In Their Own Words
Survivors of Abuse Share Their Stories

Indian Residential School Museum of Canada

Returning to Spirit
Residential School Healing and Reconciliation

British Columbia
Indian Residential School Survivors Society

First Nations House of Healing is a program of the Inter Tribal Health Authority

The Shingwauk Project

Monument at Walpole Island First Nation
Click Here to see a larger image of the memorial to Indian Residential School Students

Residential School Survivors


Past Abuse and Loss of Earnings
Supreme Court of Canada

April 2005

Blackwater vs Plint
BC Court of Appeal
December 2003

Blackwater et al v. Plint et al
BC Supreme Court
July 2001

Vicarious Liability
The Case Against Arthur Plint
The United Church and Canada
June 1998

T.W.N.A. v. Canada / Indian Affairs
BC Court of Appeal

December 5, 2003

Trilogy of decisions

K.L.B. v. British Columbia
Supreme Court of Canada
Liability and the abuse of children by foster parents
October 2, 2003

E.D.G. v. Hammer
Supreme Court of Canada
Liability and sexual abuse by school staff
October 2, 2003

M.B. v. British Columbia
Supreme Court of Canada
Liability for sexual abuse of foster child
October 2, 2003


E.B. v. Order of Oblates
BC Court of Appeal
May, 2003

E.B. v. Order of Oblates
BC Supreme Court Decision
Christie Indian Residential School
December, 2001

Mohawk Institute
Cloud Class Action

American Lawsuit
Indian Boarding Schools

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
and the Intergenerational Links to Residential Schools

.pdf file

Indian Residential Schools and Indian Boarding Schools

For Lawyers Acting for
Survivors of Indian Residential Schools

"Acknowledging the past is the only way
to allow us to move forward with dignity."
... Nathalie Des Rosiers, President,
Law Commission of Canada, August 15, 2001

Inkameep Day School Art Collection

Historic Perspective

Canada's 2008 Apology

Canada's apology to the Nuu-chah-nulth

Anglican Church Apology

Presbyterian Church Confession

Oblates Apologize
This is a .pdf file

United Church Apologies

Catholic Church Apology 1992

March 2002
BC Supreme Court rules against
Homalco First Nation woman Hilda Francis

who said she was raped repeatedly
at Sechelt Indian Residential School

Floyd Stephen Mowatt,vs the Anglican Church and Canada
BC Supreme Court

Indian Residential Schools background cited
at sentencing of three Aboriginal men
who killed Douglas Gormley in Kamloops
- - - - - - -

Haig-Brown, Celia. (1988).
Resistance and Renewal : Surviving the Indian Residential School.
Vancouver. Tillacum Library, Arsenal Pulp Press Ltd.
"The elimination of language has always been a primary stage in a process of cultural genocide. This was the primary function of the residential school. My father was physically tortured by his teachers for speaking Tseshaht: they pushed sewing needles through his tongue, a routine punishment for language offenders?The needle tortures suffered by my father affected all my family. My dad's attitude was "why teach my children Indian if they are going to be punished for speaking it?" (Randy Fred, p. 16).

This collection of First Nations Peoples stories and views on the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia serves two main purposes. First, to provide a written history of the residential school system in Canada, from the perspective of First Nations Peoples themselves, not as a rationale by government or missionaries. Second, the book sets out to provide a limited overview on the evolution of First Nations Peoples Education in Canada. Despite the wide-spread injustices that First Nations students faced, what is of particular interest in this book is the First Nations resistance movement that developed against the residential schools for control over their own education and destiny.
For more survivors' stories, see:

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