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June 21, 1998 - June 21, 2008

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"Politics and Demands for a Public Inquiry
Into the Death of Dudley George"

by Lynnette R Dubois- Taylor
Policy Coordinator
October 1, 2002

"Still Time To Do The Right Thing
Letter of Rebuke and Advice to the Prime Minister"

by Chief Stewart Phillip,
President, Union of BC Indian Chiefs
August 30, 2002

Duress and the Burnt Church First Nation
Fisheries Agreement with Canada"

by Kwegsi,
Hereditary Chief of the Mi'kmaq Grand Council
August 16, 2002

"Tax Exemption - a Tool for Economic Development
for First Nations"

by York University Economics Professor
Fred Lazar
July 16, 2002

( this is a .pdf file )

"Big Bear's Treaty - The Road to Freedom"
by Jean Allard
July, 2002

( this is a .pdf file )

"Paternalism and superiority are still alive and well
in Canada"

by Chief Judith Sayers
June 28, 2002

( this is a .pdf file )

"My own reasons for opposing the federally dictated
First Nations Governance Act(Bill C-61)"

by Chief Stewart Phillip
June 22, 2002

( this is a .pdf file )

"The River Forks Here
Canada?s attempt to execute the 1969 White Paper
and Indigenous Peoples"

by Janice Switlo
June 21, 2002

( this is a .pdf file )

"A Call to Action"
by Six Nations Chief Roberta Jamieson
May 22, 2002

"Federal Minister Still Stuck in the Sixties
The 1860's"

by National Chief Matthew Coon Come
May 22, 2002

"Debunking the 'Race' Myth
in Debating BC Treaties"

by Paul Chartrand
May 13, 2002

Referendum is Expensive Distraction From the Facts
"Canada Owes Land, Resources and
a Measure of Respect to First Nations"

by Jody Paterson
Columnist, Victoria Times Colonist
May 7, 2002

"This process is not an exercise in direct democracy

by BC Civil Liberties Association
April 10, 2002

The Tragedy of the BC Treaty Referendum
"We are no longer in negotiations,
but in a situation where one party is dictating
what they want"

by Hupacasath Chief Judith Sayers
March 31, 2002
(Note this is a .pdf file)

"The majority of British Columbia people want to be
open minded about dealing with Aboriginal title"

by Neskonlith Chief Arthur Manuel
March 29, 2002

"The treaty process is effectively over in B.C"
by Jody Paterson
Columnist, Victoria Times Colonist
March 28, 2002

"Please drop the referendum and stop this
divisive waste of taxpayers' dollars"

by Adrienne Montani
Vancouver Board of Education Trustee
March 20, 2002

"The Denigration of ?A Great National Question:?
The Campbell Referendum on
the Indian Title in British Columbia"

by Anthony J. Hall
Department of Native American Studies
University of Lethbridge
March 19, 2002

"As the provincial government goes forward
with its referendum, it is important to remember why
British Columbia chose the path of negotiation
in the first place"

Indian Affairs Minister Robert Nault
March 15, 2002

"BC Treaty Referendum Questions
Constitutionally Beyond Province's Power"

by Louise Mandell
March 7, 2002

(This is a .pdf file)

"Far-reaching implications of the judgment
in Haida Nation v. B.C. and Weyerhaeuser"

Environmental-Aboriginal Guardianship
through Law and Education
March 7, 2002

"The duty to consult with First Nations in Canada"
by Barbara Fisher
March 4, 2002

NOTE This is a .pdf file

"What if Vancouver's Missing Women
had been of a more affluent economic class?"

by Audrey Johnson, Executive Director
West Coast Women's Legal Education and Action Fund
February 28, 2002

"The provincial policy is to blame the abused
rather than the abuser"

by Roger Obonsawin,
Aboriginal Council of Toronto
February 27, 2002

"Throwing money at a problem
does not always heal the injured"

by Betty Hinton, Canadian Alliance
Member of Parliament for Kamloops
February 22, 2002

"Comprehensive Claims Policy is Illegal"
by the Assembly of First Nations
February 15th, 2002
(NOTE this is a .pdf file)

"There are many positive things that are happening
as a result of the investments being made"

by Indian Affairs Minister Robert Nault
February 9th, 2002

"Our ultimate goal of
self-sufficiency and self-determination"

by Membertou Chief Terrance Paul
January 30, 2002

"Residential Schools - Another View"
by G. Campbell McDonald
January 7, 2002

"National Post Spreads Indian Affairs Propoganda"
by Chief Stewart Phillip, President
Union of BC Indian Chiefs
December 20,2001

The Indian Affairs Governance Initiative
"Legitimizing a process of our assimilation "

by Keptin Lloyd Augustine Mi'kmaq Grand Council
December 9, 2001

"The Need for Nation Building"
by AFN National Chief Matthew Coon Come
December 4,2001

"Why Native people are so nervous about the
Ontario government's new Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act"

by Chief Ralph Akiwenzie
November 22,2001

"Letter Chastises Unfair Media Reporting"
by Adrienne Montani
November 11,2001

"We must have access to broad means of expression
and protest, as a matter of our cultural survival,
without fear of being labeled or
detained as terrorists."

by AFN National Chief Matthew Coon Come
November 1,2001

"The way things are going now,
it's getting downright dangerous to be an Indian
with an opinion and the guts to say it"

Don't lose sight of the real battle
by Taiaiake Alfred
November 1, 2001

"Budgets are (or should be) about leadership,
about progressive social policy, and about slicing and
distributing the economic pie fairly and productively"

by AFN National Chief Matthew Coon Come
October 30,2001

"Tourist developments work to displace
aboriginal people from their lands "

by Rodney Bobiwash
October 23,2001

"Fiscal Terrorism by Mr. Nault"
by Kenneth Deer, Eastern Door
October 19,2001

"An Act of Terrorism was Committed Against Natives "
by Mi'kmaq Warrior James Ward
October 4,2001

"The pushing of Indigenous Peoples to the edge of
social, political and cultural extinction"

by AFN National Chief Matthew Coon Come
October 1,2001

"Time for BC Liberals to come clean on
costs of opposing Nisga'a treaty"

by BC New Democrats
September 28,2001

"Criminalization of Elders, young people and land-users
of Skwelkwek?welt is not going to work "

by UBCIC President, Chief Stewart Phillip
September 28,2001

"Our Land Our Future"
by Pikangikum Councillor Samson Keeper
September 28,2001

"Latest Ipperwash Revelations Paint Chilling Picture"
by The Ontario NDP
September 21,2001

"Everyone will benefit when First Nations
become active participants in the Canadian economy "

by Matthew Coon Come
September 20,2001

"Battle Hymn of the Hypocrites "
by Taiaiake Alfred
September 20,2001

"Self Determination - What it Means for the Innu"
by Peter Penashue
September 19,2001

Sunday Morning, Sunday Afternoon"

by Natasha J. Krahn
Christian Peacemakers Team
September 19,2001

"Dear Friends, We are at a Crossroads"
by Chief Arvol Looking Horse
September 15,2001

"World Trade Center Destruction Stirs Iroquois"
by Doug George-Kanentiio
September 14, 2001

"Racism in Canada-Setting the Record Straight"
by Mark L. Stevenson
President Indigenous Bar Association
September 10, 2001

" Coon Come Furor Misplaced"
by Carol Adams, APTN
September 6, 2001

"Victoria Police Chief's Decision Unacceptable"
Dawson Family's lawyer Adrian Brooks
August 27, 2001

" This Land is Our Land
Claiming the BC Legislature Lands"

Songhees Chief Albany and Esquimalt Chief Thomas
NOTE this is a WORD .doc file

" Indigenous Self-determination, Accountability
and Liberal Democracy"

Tom Mexsis Happynook, Founding Chairman
World Council of Whalers

"Aboriginal Health one of Canada's Major Unresolved Challenges "
Dr. Henry Haddad, President, Canadian Medical Association
August 15,2001

"Acknowledging the past is the only way
to allow us to move forward with dignity."

Nathalie Des Rosiers President, Law Commission of Canada
August 15,2001

"Reaching out to First Nations in Atlantic Canada"
Minister of Indian Affairs, Robert Nault
August 13, 2001

"Progress Made in Building Relations
Between DND and First Nations"

by Luwititalani - Bonita Martin-Kennedy, Oneida
June 14,2001

"Where we've been & Where we're going"
National Aboriginal Day

"Modern Day Colonialism in Canada"
Canada's continued attempts to
conquer Aboriginal people
by Janice Switlo
This is a .pdf file

"FNG First Nation Government
NFG No F _ _ _ ing Good"

by Taiaiake Alfred

"Metis Rights Victory
An Opportunity for Healing"

By Jason Madden
NOTE: This is a .pdf file

"First Nations Accountability"
Satsan -Herb George
BC Vice Chief, Assembly of First Nations

Government to Government? G2G - When?
Patricia Wade - Chickaloon News

"The Hunt for Justice - The Case of Metis Rights "/font>
by Christi Belcourt, Metis National Council

"Modern Day Treaties and Self Assimilation"
Kwegsi -A Mi'kmaq leader speaks out
NOTE - This is a Word .doc file

"Erosion of Native Rights"
by Eden Robinson

Feds apologize
" Does this mean we, as Nuu-Chah-Nulth people
will be returned to our natural place?"

by Laura Fraser - Nuu-Chah-Nulth

Meaningful Change
"Will Robert Nault Keep his Promise?"

Canadian government silent
"Recovery of Precious Document Imperative"

Metis Perspectives

Federal Rules of Engagement
- the Government's War
against Survivors and the Churches
by Alvin Tolley
(NOTE: This is a .pdf file
requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader software)

"The Social, Cultural and Economic Importance
of Subsistence Whaling"

by Tom Happynook
( NOTE - This is a Word .doc file )

"It has never been okay to rape, or attempt to rape, a child"
by Carol Adams, Cree & Dene
National News Anchor,
Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

"Aboriginal Rights are Human Rights"
Presentation by Martin Sheinin

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