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As Long As The Rivers Flow
"the self-destruction that often befalls
residential school survivors and their children. . . . "

February 2011
James Bartleman
Click Here for More

BC Aboriginal Child Welfare disjointed, scatter-gun approach
"Coordination and Sustained Support Needed
to End Negative Cycles for Aboriginal Children"

February 2011
Marc Storms, Director and Senior Advisor,
Good Medicine Group
Click Here for More

9th Annual State of Indian Nations Address
"Sovereign Indian Nations at the Dawn of a New Era"
January 2011
President Jefferson Keel
National Congress of American Indians
Click Here for More

Census Changes Unfair to First Nations
"Why step back in data collection
at at time when First Nations are stepping forward confidently?"

July 2010
Wayne Morris, chief Tsartlip First Nation
Click Here for More

Individual Property Ownership On Reserves
"Reject Fee Simple Title"
July 2010
Harley Chingee
Click Here for More

Anniversary of Government Apology
"Reconciliation requires significant changes
in the relationship between First Nations and governments"

June 2010

Urban Aboriginal Peoples Survey
"A Real Eye-opener"
April 2010
Tara Seel
- - -

Recognizing a lost generation of Indians
"A question of status - gender equity and the right to belong "
April 2010
Heather Tufts
- - -

50th Anniversary of First Nations right to vote
"A milestone . . . "
March 2010
- - -

Sovereignty and the Future of Indian Nations
"I am pleased to report that
the State of Indian Nations is strong-- and we are growing stronger every day.
At the same time, we have much work to do,
and now is the time to take action."

8th Annual State of Indian Nations Address
January 2010
Jefferson Keel, President
National Congress of American Indians
Click Here for More

Native problems are national issues
"The complex difficulties faced by natives
might as well be happening on the other side of the world
as far as the rest of us are concerned."

January 2010
Mindy Jacobs, Toronto Sun
- - -

Treaty Rights and the Harmonized Sales Tax
"It is incomprehensible how we could have been left out of the entire process"
December 2009
Chief Angus Toulouse, Ontario Regional Chief
Grand Chief Randall Phillips, Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians
Click Here for More

"Solemn relationships with the Crown"
November 2009
By National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo
Click Here for More

Violence Against Aboriginal Women
A Public Inquiry Must Be Established
"One Mother is too many,
One Sister is too many, One Aboriginal Woman is too many"

October 2009
By Senator Lillian Eva Dyck
Click Here for More

A Greater Role in the BC Economy
"Governments need to remove barriers to First Nations economic activity"
September 2009
By Dan Perrin

Phil's Farewell to the AFN
"I will continue to honour First Nations citizens, your leaders and the work you do"
July 2009
Phil Fontaine
Click Here for More

Aboriginal Wellbeing
"The winds of change may have started to blow in the right direction"
June 2009

Sisters in Spirit
"Why are Aboriginal women's murders ignored?"
May 2009

Virtual Native American State
"I propose that a virtual Native American state be created"
January 2009
Mark Charles
Click Here for More

AFN Leader Endorses Alternative Federal Budget
" Investing in First Nations benefits all Canadians"
January 6, 2009
National Chief Phil Fontaine
Click Here for More

Residential Schools - Healing
"Truth and Reconciliation Commission is contaminated"
December 2008
National Indian Residential School Survivors Society
Click Here for More

Media Panel
"The Greatest Canadian Media Failure of the Century: Reporting on Aboriginal Issues"
October 2008
Canadian Journalism Foundation

- - -

Meaningful Change
"First Nations governments in BC face exciting opportunity"
August 2008
Grand Chief Doug Kelly
Click Here for More

The Women's Court of Canada
"reconsiders the 1994 case of Native Women's Association of Canada v. Canada"
August 2008

Canada's Apology - to move beyond
"Canada must address criminality of the residential schools"
June 2008
Bob Antone, Oneida
Click Here for More

Canada's Apology - Why and How
"Apology must end denial of truth and history"
April 2008
AFN National Chief
Click Here for More

A Travesty of Justice
"The message delivered clearly through this court decision
is one of domination and oppression"

February 2008
Ardoch Algonquin First Nation and Supporters
Click Here for More

New Day for BC Native Claims
"'Xeni decision' casts doubt on provincial authority over First Nations land dealings"
February 2008
Dave Porter, Chief Judith Sayers, Grand Chief Edward John
Click Here for More

Aboriginal Peoples Statistics
"Numbers - Turns out you can't always count on 'em!"
February 2008
Click Here for More

Aboriginal Issues are Urban Issues
"The sad truth is that the aboriginal majority is largely ignored"
January 26, 2008
Vera Pawis Tabobondung,
President of the National Association of Friendship Centres
Click Here for More

Who's Sorry Now?
"Government Apologies, Truth Commissions and Indigenous Self-Determination
in Australia, Canada, Guatemala and Peru"

January, 2008
Click Here for More

10 years After Delgamuukw
"An opportunity lost for the BC Treaty Process"
December 11, 2007
Click Here for More

An Inspiration for Young People - Dr. Evan Adams
Drury University's Hope and Action Convocation Series
December 6, 2007 - LISTEN HERE!

Alternate Web Link for This Story
Click Here for More

Improving Human Rights in First Nations Communities
"More Consultation - or Quick Action Now?"
December, 2007
by various leaders and organizations

Rules of the Relationship Between Indigenous Peoples and the Crown
"Canada has no rights over First Nations"
September 20, 2007
by Kate Kempton

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
"The face that Canadians want to show to the world
is that of a Canada who is a defender of human rights . . ."

July 8th 2007
by Stephane Dion, Liberal Leader

A National Day of Action
June 29th 2007
by First Nations and Supporters of Justice for First Nations
Click Here for More

Showdown on the Horizon
2007 Federal Budget Shortchanges Aboriginal Canadians
by Various First Nations Leaders
March 20, 2007
Click Here for More

It's Getting Better, but . . .
2007 State of Indian Nations address
by NCAI President, Joe A. Garcia
January 25, 2007
Click Here for More

Apocalypto the Movie
"Human sacrifice did occur, but not to the extent that is shown in the film."
Michael Aakhus, University of Southern Indiana
December 14th, 2006

On-Reserve Off-Reserve Debate Gets Ugly
". . . a puppet organization, of questionable representation, with a straw man for a leader . . ."
AFN National Chief Phil Fontaine
December 7, 2006
Click Here for More

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same. . .
"The relocation will only result in the assimilation of Kashechewan"
Waubageshig (Harvey McCue)
November 20th, 2006
Click Here for More

Specific Claims - Affordability Not an Issue
"First Nations are no less entitled to compensation for wrongs
committed against us by the government
than any other individuals or groups in society"

AFN National Chief
November 9th, 2006
Click Here for More

BC Treaty Process
"Comprehensive community planning is a holistic process"
Mike Harcourt, BC Treaty Commissioner
October 28th, 2006
- - - - - - -

Investigative Report Card Gives Canada Failing Grade
"Drinking water quality in First Nations communities is scandalous"
Sierra Legal Defence Fund
October 6th, 2006
- - - - - - -

Why Support Six Nations?
"It is possible for natives and non-natives to live together in peace and harmony,
but in order to have peace there must be justice"

Community Friends for Peace and Understanding with Six Nations
October 1, 2006
- - - - - - -

The Need to Fix the BC Treaty Process
"Danger of producing treaties that might not be ratified by First Nation communities"
Eppa (Gerard Peters), Chief Negotiator
In-SHUCK-ch Nation
September 22, 2006
Click Here for More

Recognizing the Importance of First Nations Elders
"They are the backbone of their people"
Cathie Roy/Associate Publisher/Staff Writer
Coast Reporter Newspaper, Sechelt, British Columbia
Posted Here on Turtle Island Native Network With Permission
September 22, 2006
- - - - - - -

Safe and Successful Drug Injection Centre
"Federal government is playing politics with people's lives"
Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network
September 2, 2006
Click Here for More

Everyone should be paying attention
"Tofino Crisis is the Tip of the Edge"
First Nations Environmental Network
August 31, 2006
Click Here for More

Indigenous leaders say
that BP oil field shutdown is a wake up call to the Industry, US, and World
"A testament to the negligence and greed in oil industry operations"
Indigenous Environmental Network
August 8, 2006
Click Here for More

What a terrible, terrible waste of an entire generation
"A Bleak Choice for Young Indians"
Response by Gary Merasty
Liberal Member of Parliament
August 4, 2006
Click Here for More

Six Nations Land Rights
"First Nations Want Justice on 'land Theft' "
by Richard Powless
July 15, 2006
Click Here for More

I strongly urge all of our nations to hold critical and independent discussions
on why we are committing our young people
to serve the U.S. military in its occupation of Iraq
"Why Are Indigenous (American Indian) Soldiers Serving in Iraq?"
by By Dr. Michael Yellow Bird, Ph.D.
July 2006
Click Here for More

How We See 'Missing Women'
"If we care, we must consider them human beings, period."
by Yasmin Jiwani
The Tyee
June 21, 2006
- - - - - - -

Graduates Urged to Be Proud to Be Native
"Do Not Ask For Permission.
Wear your plumes. Wear your feathers on graduation day."

by Ryan Wilson - President,
National Indian Education Association
May 16, 2006
Click Here for More

Progress on First Nations Issues - Unsatisfactory
"Conflicting roles of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada"
by Canada's Auditor General
May 16, 2006
- - - - - - -

Clash of Cultures
"We can't have our bannock and eat it too"
by Duane Ghastant' Aucoin
May 15, 2006
Click Here for More

Canada's Treatment of Aboriginals
"Years later, the situation appears to be unchanged, and in some respects worse"
by Aboriginal Canadian Women Presenters and UN Committee Response
May 3-9, 2006
- - - - - - -

Historic UN Committee Indigenous Rights Decision
"Racial Discrimination"
by United Nations Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
March 14, 2006
- - - - - - -

Tribal Sovereignty
"Sovereign Indian Nations - A Dynamic Concept"
by Lynn Valbuena and Howard Dickstein, Capitol Weekly
February 15, 2006
- - - - - - -

American Indians, Casinos, Congress and Illegal Lobbying
"American Indians and the Abramoff Scandal - You don't know Jack"
by Tex Hall, chairman of the Mandan, Hidatsa Arikara Nation,
and past president of the National Congress of American Indians
January 27, 2006
Click Here for More

Bureaucratic Administrative Policies of Government
"Health Canada decisions are causing undue hardships and burdens"
by Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and Nishnawbe Aski Nation
January 18, 2006
Click Here for More

Debunking a major myth
"First Nations Tax Rules Not a Benefit"
by Cary Morin,Cariboo Tribal Council Treaty Society
January 6, 2006
Click Here for More

"Liberals: Clear Choice for Métis People in this Federal Election"
by Metis Nation Ontario west
January 5, 2006
Click Here for More

Election Campaign Promise - Conservatives
"Recognizing the contributions of Aboriginal veterans,
and redressing 60 years of inequity"

by Conservative Leader Stephen Harper
December 28, 2005
- - - - - - -

Evoking the Ghosts of Reform Past
"Native leaders spurn right-wing hard-liners"
by Terry Glavin, Georgia Straight
December 22, 2005
- - - - - - -

Dirty water on Canadian reserves: the real scandal
"That we still have boil water orders in Canada today, in the 21st century, is beyond scandalous"
by the Green Party of Canada
December 17, 2005
- - - - - - -

A Treaty Among Ourselves
"National Chief of the Assembly should be elected
through a universal vote of all First Nations citizens"

by the Assembly of First Nations Renewal Commission
December 7, 2005
Click Here for More

Prime Minister reminds Americans of joint stewardship of the Environment
"The culture of the G'witchin people at risk"
Paul Martin's Address to the Economic Club of New York
October 6, 2005
- - - - - - -

The Migmaq, the Peace and Friendship Treaties, and the Supreme Court of Canada
"These are not surrender treaties. The Migmaq have never surrendered their title or rights"
by Chief John Martin, Gesgapegiag First Nation
Chair, Migmawei Mawiomi
August 11, 2005
Click Here for More

Indian industry - no friend to First Nations
"Outdated property rules ghettoize reserve residents"
by Terrance Power,
faculty of management, Royal Roads University, Victoria
August 4, 2005
- - - - - - -

Message in a Bottle - The Making of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
"A currency traded by politicians and political commentators, lawyers, public health professionals,
and advocates for underrepresented minorities, each pursuing separate aims"

by Janet Golden, Professor of History, Rutgers University
July 27, 2005
- - - - - - -

Indian Education for ALL
"Tragically, Americans know next to nothing about our country?s native people"
Pat Williams, Senior Fellow - Center for the Rocky Mountain West
University of Montana
July 15, 2005
- - - - - - -

The Ahenakew Fiasco
"He messed up badly - shame on you Mr Ahenakew!"
Letter to The Editor of Turtle Island Native Network
July 11, 2005
Click Here for More

Bill C-31 - An Anniversary, But Don't Celebrate!
"20 Years later - The Discrimination Continues"
by Native Women's Association of Canada / AFN
Updated June 28, 2005 /first posted April 18, 2005
Click Here for More

Crisis at the First Nations University of Canada
"A Hostile Takeover - First Nations politicians and narrow philosophies"
by Dr. Blair Stonechild, Professor and Head of Indigenous Studies
Prof. William Asikinack Department of Indigenous Studies
June 25, 2005
Click Here for More

ADR Process is Flawed . . .But!
"Scrapping the ADR process for Indian Residential School survivors
would eliminate an important option"

by the IRSSS
April 15, 2005
Click Here for More

Governance and Land Claims
"Internet Speakers Series"
by Various BC Native Leaders
Spring 2005
Click Here for More

Violence at Red Lake Chippewa Nation
"Restricting Access to Firearms is the Only Way to Prevent Future Tragedies"
by the Violence Policy Center
March 22nd, 2005

Canada's Tarnished Image
"International reports highlight lack of progress
in addressing First Nations poverty"

by the Assembly of First Nations
March 1st, 2005
Click Here for More

Obligation to Consult With First Nations
"Playing chicken with First Nations around who has authority
over lands and resources in BC is a fool?s game"

by Will Horter, Dogwood Initiative
Febrary 22, 2005

Respect for the dead at the village of Tse-whit-zen
Instead of asking, "What must we do?" ask, "What is the right thing to do?"
by Robert T. Anderson, director of the Native American Law Center
University of Washington School of Law
February 19, 2005
Click Here for More

The Government's Residential Schools Response is a Fiasco
"Victims of abuse are dying faster than they are getting compensation"
The Toronto Star
February 17th, 2005

Inadequate responses to residential school issues
"Government Misconduct and offensive financial mismanagement"
by the National Consortium of Residential School Survivors? Counsel
February 14th, 2005

Bill C-14 gives recognition to the things that we inherited as Tlicho people from our ancestors
"Our ability to pass on those rights to future generations"
by John B. Zoe, Chief negotiator, Dogrib Treaty 11 Council
February 8, 2005
Click Here for More

Logging is not the only concern for First Nations in the boreal forest
"They live in and rely on the forests for their food, their livelihoods,
and their spiritual connection to the world"

by Kim Petersen, The Dominion
February 4, 2005

State of the Indian Nation
"We are a people of action and hope"
by Tex Hall, president National Congress of American Indians
February 3, 2005
Click Here for More

What if?
"What if all Canadians had to endure oversight of their affairs
the way First Nations have?"

Toronto Star Editorial
January 13, 2005

Strengthening Aboriginal Rights
"Supreme Court decisions will have profound and far-reaching effects
on First Nations all across Canada, and dramatic impacts
on provincial governments and natural resource companies"

by Brad Morse, Professor of Law, University of Ottawa
November 18, 2004
Click Here for More

A Critical Shortage
"Lack of Aboriginal health professionals a huge issue"
by Amy Jo Ehman, Saskatoon
CMA Journal October 26, 2004

150th Anniversary of Treaty 72 . . . no cause for celebration
"We have been left out of so much in the past 150 years"
by Vern Roote, Chief, Chippewas of Saugeen and Ralph Akiwenzie,
Chief, Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation
October 13, 2004
Click Here for More

Health outcomes in Aboriginal populations
"Is Aboriginal race - a risk factor for adverse health outcomes?"
by Dr. Allan Cass
September 15, 2004

First Nations must have full seat at health care table
"It is past time for the Prime Minister to walk the talk
when it comes to honesty with First Nations in this country"

by Paul Moist, CUPE National President
August 31, 2004

Colonialism and Kanehsatake - Mohawk Sovereignty at Stake
"Are dispossession and forced integration ongoing?"
by Kim Petersen, The Dominion
August 25, 2004

Prime Minister has opportunity to heal an old wound
"A more generous and enlightened residential school policy "
by James Travers, Toronto Star
August 19, 2004

New BC political party promises a place for Aboriginals
"The goal of creating a fully participatory government
by ensuring First Nations seats in the Legislature"

by BC Democratic Alliance
August 14, 2004

Fish farms are damaging B.C. waters
"We have been publicly expressing our concerns about these dangers
since the first fish farm appeared in our territories
over 20 years ago"

by Namgis First Nation Chief William Cranmer
August 13, 2004
Click Here for More

Appointment of an Aboriginal to the Supreme Court of Canada
"Not just another ethnic group"
by David C. Nahwegahbow
August 5, 2004
Click Here for More

Love trumps race
Squamish Nation legal fight for girls is "misguided"
Editorial in the Windsor Star
August 3, 2004

Assimilation - A Federal Government Agenda?
"Paul Martin Accelerates His melting Pot Agenda"
by The First Nations Strategic Policy Counsel
July 31, 2004
Click Here for More

First Nation Fear Federal Policy of Pushing PanAboriginal Approach
"We are calling for a First Nations agenda, not an Aboriginal agenda"
by The Assembly of First Nations
July 20, 2004
Click Here for More

Deteriorating Situation for Aboriginals in Australia
"The right to self-determination
is an inalienable right of Australian Aboriginals"

by The World Council of Churches
July 9, 2004

Resource corporations and the clash with Indigenous Rights
"Battling the Ghosts of Death"
by Derek Reiber - Tidepool
June 17, 2004

Respectful Research Paramount to First Nations Studies
"Traditional research methodologies often fall short
in their approaches to First Nations issues"

by Brian Lin - UBC Reports
June 3, 2004
(Posted on Turtle Island Native Network with UBC Permission)

Facing the Facts is Not Fear Mongering
"Canadians, especially Aboriginals will be set back 50 yrs
if Stephen Harper becomes Prime Minister"

by Tehaliwaskenhas - Bob Kennedy, Oneida
June 1, 2004
Click Here for More

Building Trust Relationships with Aboriginal People
"There can be cultural and other lifestyle imperatives that are different
for Aboriginal people living in urban areas than they might be
for those living in reserve communities."

by Dwight Dorey, National Chief
Congress of Aboriginal Peoples
June 1, 2004
Click Here for More

AFN/RCMP Protocol Raises Concerns
"The RCMP have managed to work their way into the reserve
in a very interesting way"

by Celeste Strikes With A Gun, Peigan
May 26, 2004
Click Here for More

Offshore Oil and Gas Process is Flawed
"There are major risks
associated with offshore oil and gas development in B.C"

by Coastal First Nations
May 18, 2004
Click Here for More

No room left for non-aboriginal fishers
if treaty settlements continue on present path
"Fears are exaggerated", says joint Canada/BC report
May 6, 2004

Aboriginal and Treaty Rights suffered severe blows by high court
"Supreme Court of Canada's credibility is questionable"
Click Here for More

by AFN National Chief Phil Fontaine
April 2004

West Bank Self Government Not Shielded From Charter of Rights
"The government of Westbank First Nation and Council
in respect of all matters under its authority are bound
by provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms"

Click Here for More

by Chief Robert Louie
March 29, 2004

Allegations of a Cover-Up
in the Residential Schools Compensation Process!
"If all the settlements to date were equally fair and just
then why the ?gag orders?? "

Click Here for More

by Phil Lane Jr., 4Worlds International Institute
Rhonda Ruston, Q.C. - Matsowa? Pitapiaakii
Alma Brooks, Mi'kmaq / Phyllis Chelsea, Shuswap
March 27, 2004

Aboriginal title, a concept that can be broadly applied . . .
"The concept of Aboriginal title provides a valuable lens of interpretation
on history, politics, and law in many settings"

by Anthony J. Hall
Founding Coordinator of Globalization Studies
University of Lethbridge
March 3, 2004

Good management and accountability
"Sound financial management is a pillar of strength
and will help lift our communities out of the third world
and into the age of innovation"

Click Here for More

by AFN National Chief Phil Fontaine
February 26, 2004

It's time to work on Native priorities
"The future prosperity of all Canadians
hinges in part on the success of aboriginal people
in the labour force"

by Ben Brunnen
Canada West Foundation
February 16, 2004

"Does Paul Martin Really Represent a ?New? Agenda for First Nations,
or More ?Extinguishment and Termination? Policies?"

First Nations Strategic Policy Counsel
February 15, 2004
Click Here for More

Chief Mountain and his Supporters Press on
with Opposition to Nisga'a Treaty
"Are we to stand by while aboriginal citizens are relegated to a constitutional dust bin?"
John D. Weston of Access Law Group
February 12, 2004

Reinforcing Stereotypes
"What we don't need: a day to beat drum of stereotype"
Click Here for More

by Eddie Chuculate
The Albuquerque Tribune
February 11, 2004

Auditor General's Report
"Indian Affairs learns lesson
governance and accountability - a two-way street"

Click Here for More

February 11, 2004

The Throne Speech and a Commitment to Self-Government
"My understanding of the term
conflicts with the Canadian government's definition"

by Signa Daum Shanks,
politics of Aboriginal self-government,
University of Toronto
February 6, 2004

Potestas occasum
"Canada's - Practical Model"
by Janice Switlo
January 31, 2004

"The Gitxsan: Betrayal of a Nation"
by Arthur Topham
January 31, 2004

Appointing an Aboriginal Person to the Supreme Court of Canada
"It should be accepted as a part of Canadian legal tradition"
Click Here for More

by Dianne G. Corbiere
President, Indigenous Bar Association
January 27, 2004

Aboriginal society has changed, but policies have not
"This will be the social issue of the next few decades"
by Mary Janigan, a political and policy writer
January 19, 2004

Disgusted, dismayed and disappointed
Aboriginal Youth Challenge Right Wing Perspective
Click Here for More

by Joshua Fraser
Vice-President (Youth) National Aboriginal Peoples' Commission (APC)
APC Rep. Young Liberals of Canada (YLC)
January 7, 2004

"You might be Indian if ... Who is, isn't - a tricky call"
Click Here for More

by Eddie Chuculate, The Albuquerque Tribune
January 5, 2004

The aboriginal population represents the largest
untapped labour force in the country

"Aboriginal people key to labour supply"
by Ben Brunnen
as published in the Alaska Highway News
December 16, 2003

How to Manage Resources
That Are Being Developed on First Nations Traditional lands
"First Nations Controlled Resource Development Co-operative
a Community-Based Solution"

by David Belliveau
December 15th, 2003

Aboriginals do not need more legal victories
they need and deserve better social policy
by John Richards in Policy Options
December 10th, 2003

Relations between Aboriginal peoples and other Canadians
are improving . . .BUT

From Portraits of Canada
November 26th, 2003

Moving Aboriginal Policy
from the 19th Century to the 21st Century

by Tanis Fiss
Director, The Centre for Aboriginal Policy Change,
Canadian Taxpayer's Federation
October 16, 2003

The American Empire and Aboriginal Title
by Professor Anthony Hall
October 6, 2003

The Heiltsuk Decision:
"A New Look at the Duty of Consultation"

by Charles F. Willms and Kevin O'Callaghan
Fasken Martineau
September 18, 2003

The Legacy of Indian Residential Schools
"A more comprehensive solution is needed"
Click Here for More

by George Erasmus, President
Aboriginal Healing Foundation
August 16, 2003

The Extinguishment of Aboriginal Title and Rights
"Canada and BC Still Negotiating on a Take it or Leave it Basis"
Click Here for More

by the Union of BC Indian Chiefs
July 25, 2003

In Light of the FNGA - Let's Revisit the White Paper
"To be an Indian - - - legal, social and economic equality
with other Canadians"

by Jean Chretien
1969 Indian Affairs Minister

Why the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples Supports the FNGA
"This legislation is about change, transparency and accountability "
Click Here for More

by Dwight Dorey
July 7, 2003

The First Nations Governance Act: an historic opportunity
"First Nations and Canada will not accept the status quo"
by Indian Affairs Minister Robert Nault
July 7, 2003

Constitutional protection afforded to Indigenous Peoples is being eroded
"We can have no confidence in either Parliament or Courts
to uphold our rights"
Click Here for More

by UBCIC President, Chief Stewart Phillip
June 19, 2003

Perpetrating Welfare Dependency in First Nation Communities
"INAC Should Be Dismantled"
by MP Brian Pallister
June 19, 2003

Self-Government is the Cure
Not Canada's Medicine - a Bitter 'Suite' of Legislation
"We cannot let up our guard"
Click Here for More

Assembly of First Nations
June 16, 2003

"Chrétien's Legacy: Betrayal and Broken Promises"
Click Here for More

by David Nahwegahbow, Indigenous Bar Association
June 14, 2003

"Searching for Reform of the Justice System"
Bringing Darrell Night?s personality to life
by Leisha Grebinski
June 13, 2003

"Overcoming inequities facing Aboriginal Canadians"
Canadian Alliance Party's
Aboriginal Policy Declaration Action Plan
June 11, 2003

"Fixing Indian Education"
Not by a Round Peg in a Square Hole Policy

Click Here for More

by Harvey McCue, Consultant
June 7, 2003

"Most Expensive and Least Effective Model of Governance Ever Proposed"
by Brian Pallister, Member of Parliament
June 3, 2003

"Taking Aboriginal Title to the Next Level"
by Jody Paterson - Times Colonist
Posted on Turtle Island Native Network
With Permission
June 2, 2003

"Raising Hell Over The Murders of Native Americans"
Click Here for More

by Hunterbear
June 1, 2003

"Tl?azt?en Nation Weeps For Loss of Their People and Lands"
Click Here for More

by Chief Tommy Alexis
May 15, 2003

"Passage of First Nations Governance Act
Would Be a Historic Mistake"

by Carol Goar
May 9, 2003

Setting the Record Straight on the FNGA
"Matthew Coon Come"
Click Here for More

May 7, 2003

"Robert Nault"
May 6, 2003

Natural Resources Revenue for Aboriginal People
"it will benefit all Canadians
if Aboriginal peoples reassert their inherent rights
as self governing First Nations, and as
natural resource guardians and managers"

Click Here for More

by Treaty 3 Grand Chief Leon Jourdain
May 1, 2003

First Nations Governance Act
"still the same wrongheaded assimilation tactic
pushed by Chrétien thirty-four years ago"

by Scott Piatkowski
April 17th, 2003

"Treaties, trees and sharing"
by Will Braun
February 25th, 2003

"Moccasin Makers and War Breakers
A call to action by the women of the world
We have the power to stop the war! "

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by Kahn-Tineta Horn, Mohawk mother and grandmother
Kahente Horn-Miller, Mohawk mother
Karonhioko'he, Daughter
Kokowa, Daughter
Grace Lix-xiu Woo, Aunt and Sister

February 15, 2003

"Native youth standing up for higher education and their fair share"
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by Tania Willard and Kamala Todd, Redwire Magazine
February 6, 2003

"Cautious Optimism
The First Nations Summit Perspective on Treaty Negotiations"

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February 2003

"Aboriginal Rights and Health Care in Canada"
by Janice Switlo
February 3, 2003

"Native Culture is Broken . . . It's a Mess!"
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by Marcus Oppenheimer
Aboriginal Economic Governance Initiatives Society
January 31, 2003

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