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Mi'kmaq Treaty Rights

Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs

Mi'kmaq Resources

The Mi'kmaq

The Marshall Decision and the Canadian Maritime Fishery

Duress and the Burnt Church First Nation
Fisheries Agreement with Canada"

by Kwegsi,
Hereditary Chief of the Mi'kmaq Grand Council
August 16, 2002

Sunday Morning, Sunday Afternoon"

by Natasha J. Krahn
Christian Peacemakers Team
September 19,2001

A Mi'kmaq leader speaks out
Modern Day Treaties and Self Assimilation
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Who Will Sing For Us - Audio and Video
Mi'kmaq Frank Thomas and Treaty Rights

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Esgenoôpetitj Mi'kmaq Burnt Church Web Site

Letters of Support

Passamaquoddy show solidarity with Mikmaq

Chicago Rally supports Mikmaq

Independent Observors

Church Leaders call for peace

Native Americans show their support for Mi'kmaq in Canada

Mohawks Start Fund for Mi'kmaq

Lobster boycott

Mi'kmaq Spiritual Leader Speaks Out

Letter to the Prime Minister Stop the violence

Dakota Ojibway Chiefs Call on Prime Minister to Intervene

UBCIC Support for Mi'kmaq

Canadian Labour Congress calls on Prime Minister to personally intervene at Burnt Church

Mi'kmaq Fisheries Trials


The Moral High Ground

Lawyers say Canada mistaken about its interpretation of Masrahll decision

Canada's Fisheries Minister uses technology, the internet and public relations as well as enforcement against the Mi'kmaq

Oceans Apart

Indian Affairs Minister Speaks of Partnerships

Indian Affairs Minister Wades into fray and then bales outShubenacadie Mi'kmaq - Indian Brook First Nation seeks constitutional review of Fisheries Minister's actions

Government misunderstands Marshall Decision

Rude Awakening for Fisheries officials by a New Brunswick Judge's Perspective

First Nation's understand their rights

Various Native Fisheries Issues and Resources
Nov 2, 2000
Reflecting back on events

Oct 25,2000
Mi'kmaq on the road to tell their side of the story

Oct 9,2000
New Crisis Looms

Oct 3,2000
Violence likely National Chief warns

Warning from other First Nations!

Mikmaq conflict changes way of doing business

Oct 2,2000

Burnt Church Chief promises Native fishery next year

Sept 29,2000

Chief and Warriors fight back

Sept 26,2000
Special Report

Showdown inevitable as Fisheries Canada stands firm and Burnt Church too

National Chief Warns Canada about Aboriginal Anger

Sept 21,2000
Indian Brook Continues its fight against Fisheries Canada

Sept 20,2000
Red Alert Raised

Hope fades for deal before deadline

Sept 18,2000
Marshall decision anniversary comes and goes with no cause for celebration

Sept 17,2000
Mediator Bob Rae gets ready to pull out of Burnt Church feud

Sept 15, 2000

Call for Patrience and Restraint

Aug 31, 2000
BC Protest supports Mi'kmaq

Aug 30,2000
First Nation leaders agree to meet

Charges should be laid against Fisheries officers

Aug 27,2000
More arrests

Burnt Church Compared to Ipperwash

Aug 24,2000
Beecher Bay stages protest fishery to support Mi'kmaq

Aug 23,2000
Mi'kmaq Updates

Aug 18, 2000
The right to fight

Coon Come condemns treatment of First Nation

Remarks by Matthew Coon Come

Symbol of Discontent

Modern Treaty a Solution?

Uneasy Calm

Wait and See

Court will not Ban Mi'kmaq Fishermen

Lobster dispute simmers
BBC report
Indian Brook Chief re-election shows strong support for fishery rights fight

Burnt Church First Nation News Releases
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Esgenoopotitj First Nation Fishery Act - Fisheries Policy

Draft for Esgenoopotitj First Nation Management Plan

Mi'kmaq Forum

CBC's Background material

Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs

The Mi'kmaq

We are the Míkmaq people

more Mi'kmaq information

Miq'maw Indian Brook Nation

Mi'kmaq History
Sept 13, 2000
Rail Blockade supports Mi'kmaq

Aug 14,2000
Barricade erected

Department of Fisheries information

Sept 20,2000
Canada's Latest Position

September 19,2000
Minister's Update

September 11, 2000
Minister Announces Mediator

Sept 7,2000
Minister's Update

Sept 5,2000
Minister's Update

Federal Court reserves decision Mi'kmaq Fishing to Continue

Sept 7, 2000

Statement by National Chief

Aug 11, 2000
More previous news stories

Fishing Fury - Fall of 1999

Lobster Wars October 1999

Mikmaq Net

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