Exercising Jay Treaty Rights



On November 27, 1999 at 2:00 p.m. people of conscience shall gather at the foot of Porter Avenue, by the Niagara River, in LaSalle Park of the city of Buffalo. This is the rally point in preparation to exercise our JAY TREATY RIGHTS as we Caravan and March across the Peace Bridge to demonstrate our continued support for the unconditional release of Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and all political prisoners held in the United States and Canada.

To proclaim a National Day of Mourning in solidarity with the UNITED AMERICAN INDIANS of NEW ENGLAND (507 years of oppression and injustice). This action will further demonstrate our unwillingness to accept the murder of our people, (like Dudley George). This is a protest of the continued celebration of the murdering rapist, Christopher Columbus, and the chemical contamination of the water on the Tuscarora Reservation where people are denied the right to telephone service, as well as a celebration of the release of the PUERTO RICAN 16.

We are also demanding that October 12th be established as Aboriginal People's Day in both Canada and the United States.

It is time to wake-up and stand-up for our brother and sisters, they need our help. We have been too silent for too damn long. What happened to LEONARD PELTIER, MUMIA ABU-JAMAL, the PUERTO RICAN 16, and DUDLEY GEORGE can happen to any one of us. We are appealling to each and every man, woman, and child to show up, to come out and support us. When you lok in the mirror, the face that looks back is our face! Let us make sure that the eyes are clear! Bring banners, posters, and Native flags. A FEAST WILL FOLLOW THE PROTEST.

NOW IS THE TIME TO, TO STAND-UP FOR SOMETHING OR CONTINUE TO FALL FOR EVERYTHING!!!! Let us start living on our feet by getting up off of our knees!
Edward M. Johnson Grandpa Bear, Executive Director and Founder
(716) 832-8232 (905) 994-6139 107 Roosevelt Avenue Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A. 14215-2829 905 996-6139

Sponsored by: North American Native Warriors, Concerned Citizens Against Police Abuse, Buffalo Committee to Free Mumia, Workers World Party, International Action Center, Aboriginal Rights Movement - Toronto, National Peoples Campaign, All African Peoples Revolutionary Party, Coalition For A Public Inquiry Into Ipperwash


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