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The Rights of Aboriginal Peoples
Canadian Constitution

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

National Chiefs Task Force on Consultation and Accommodation

Aboriginal Consultation and Accommodation
Guidelines for Federal Officials
to Fulfill the Legal Duty to Consult

The Crown's Constitutional Duty to Consult
and Accommodate Aboriginal and Treaty Rights

Research Paper for the National Centre for First Nations Governance

Draft Guidelines For Ministries
On Consultation With Aboriginal Peoples
Related To Aboriginal Rights And Treaty Rights


Crown's Duty To Consult
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Aboriginal Rights
Consultation and Accommodation
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Landmark Court Cases
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"In all its dealings with Aboriginal peoples, the Crown must act honourably,
in accordance with its historical and future relationship with the Aboriginal peoples in question.
The Crown’s honour cannot be interpreted narrowly or technically, but must be given full effect
in order to promote the process of reconciliation mandated by s. 35(1)."
Chief Justice McLachlin, Taku River decision (2004, Supreme Court of Canada), para. 24
- - -

Tsilhqot'in Nation v. British Columbia
Supreme Court of BC

The Haida Decision
Supreme Court of Canada

The Taku River Tlingit Decision
Supreme Court of Canada

Delgamuukw Decision
Supreme Court of Canada

Aboriginal Rights
Court Cases

Aboriginal Rights?
Click Here to Read About the BC Treaty Process
BC Treaty Process

Duty to Consult with Aboriginal Peoples
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Royal Proclamation - 1763
" . . . Whereas great Frauds and Abuses have been committed
in purchasing Lands of the Indians . . ."

Indigenous Peoples Rights

There was a rally and march in Vancouver December 11th, 2007,
the 10th anniversary of the Delgamuukw decision by the Supreme Court of Canada
Participants in the gathering pointed out
there still isn't a resolution of Aboriginal Rights and Title in BC
where nations remain sovereign

The Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
The 1987 Constitutional Accord
The Report of the Special Joint Committee
of the Senate and the House of Commons

The American Empire and Aboriginal Title
by Professor Anthony Hall


Aboriginal Rights and the duty to
consult with First Nations in Canada (2002)
(NOTE this is a .pdf file)

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Click Here for More about the First Nation Coalition for Inherent Rights - The Rights Based Agenda

"Aboriginal Rights are Collective Rights not Individual Rights"
by Paul Chartrand
May 13, 2002

Information on Aboriginal Rights
(BC Treaty Commission)

Aboriginal Rights in BC
(Indian Affairs Version)

"Modern Day Colonialism in Canada"
Canada's continued attempts to
conquer Aboriginal people
by Janice Switlo
This is a .pdf file

Aboriginal Rights
(NOTE - .pdf file)

Treaty Rights
(NOTE - .pdf file)

Aboriginal Rights --- Metis Rights

Aboriginal Rights Coalition campaign

Section 35 Rights - Canada's Game Plan?
NOTE -This is a .pdf file requiring
Adobe Acrobat Reader software

Aboriginal Rights and Title Protest

"Aboriginal Rights are Human Rights"
Presentation by Martin Sheinin

Aboriginal Rights

Standing Together

May 2000

Notes from a Toronto Forum on Aboriginal Rights
October 1999

Declaration of Kinship and Cooperation
July 1999

Aboriginal Rights and the Labour Movement
Note this is a .pdf file




Inherent Right to Self Government - Nisga'a Treaty

Aboriginal Title Alert
Assembly of First Nations has launched a strategy with other key aboriginal groups
a coordinated effort to advance aboriginal rights
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August 2000

November 1999
Exercising Jay Treaty Rights

Strategic Working Session on Aboriginal Title and Rights

October 24, 1999
Gitxsan Leader Calls BC Treaty Process a Scam

Nov. 19, 1981
Natives fight for constitutional protection

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