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Invite You to Attend The "HONOUR OUR TEARS" Ceremony for Haida Elder Willie Abrahams and his Cycling Team

10:00 AM Thursday, August 6th, 1998

Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre
1607 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

Welcoming drums - Kwakwaka'wakw, Alert Bay

10:00 AM Elder's Prayer - Vince Stogan, Musqueam
10:20 AM Master of Ceremonies Introductions - Chief Robert Joseph, Kwa-wai-neuk
10:40 AM Welcome & Presentation - Larry Yuen, VAFCS President
- Robert Harry, VAFCS Executive Director
11:00 AM Blanket Dance - Daughters Of The Wind
11:15 AM Speech & Presentation - Rob Robinson, Haisla-Kitamaat
- co-chair Provincial Residential School Project
11:30 AM Remarks from the "Honour Our Tears" Team - Willie Abrahams, Haida
- Tony Wilson, Kispiox
- Larry Courtoreille, Chipeweyan
- Frank Thompson, Haida
12 NOON LUNCH - Elder's prayer Bob George, Burrard
2:00 PM Closing - Bob Baker, Squamish Elder

[Barbeque chef, Lou Demerais, Executive Director, Vancouver Native Health]


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