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The Role of Crown Counsel

The lawyer who receives the police reports from the RCMP Task Force members is called the Crown Counsel. A special Crown Counsel is assigned to the Residential Schools Protocol Committee.

  • The Crown Counsel considers the recommendations of the officers in the Report to Crown Counsel. Crown Counsel, in consultation with the Director of Special Justice Programs, reviews the facts of the case and the relevant law to consider if there is sufficient evidence for charges. Using provincial Crown Counsel charging standards, they determine if charges are appropriate and, if so, what charges can be laid.
  • The Crown Counsel assigned to the prosecution will attend at all court appearances and prosecute the trial of the charges against the accused on behalf of the Crown.
  • Crown Counsel Victim/Witness Services will assist in providing community support workers to complainants, witnesses and families.
  • Complainants and the community support person will be kept fully informed of charge approval decisions and Court proceedings, either through the Crown Counsel or through Crown Victim/Witness Services.
  • Crown Counsel will ensure complainants receive any necessary financial support required to attend Court proceedings.
  • Crown Counsel will ensure complainants have a support person of their own choosing or from Crown Victim/Witness Services with them throughout the proceedings, if they so desire.

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