Turtle Island Native Network is a dream come to life! So, to the Master Creator who guides our lives I offer Yaw^ko': Thank you for this gift and thank you for the inspiration. As well, I want to thank a man I have come to know because of his mission and message of hope. He helped inspire the theme for Healing and Wellness.

In 1998 Willie Abrahams, a 57 year old Haida elder bicycled his way from Prince Rupert to British Columbia's lower mainland in support of the survivors of residential school abuse. He and his three partners Tony Wilson of Kispiox, Frank Thompson, a Haida and Larry Courtoreille, a Chipeweyan from the NWT, cycled 1500 kilometres through one of the hottest summers in years. It was a journey of healing as they spread their message of hope to First Nations individuals and their communities.

Turtle Island Native Network

Sto:lo Nation Chief Steven Point

former co-chair of the Provincial Residential School Project and now a BC provincial court judge says community workshops are a powerful way to deal with residential school issues. Healing circles have given people an opportunity to talk about their experiences and their pain, in a safe place with people who are willing to listen.

The healing has begun, and as individuals and communities we are starting to gain strength, and are creating healthy relations.

Much remains to be done. The purpose of Turtle Island Native Network is to help guide us as we move forward to face the many challenges. We hope this website will help fortify the culture and skills of individuals and communities of First Peoples, First Nations, Natives, Aboriginals, Indians, Inuit, Innu, Metis, all the peoples who are known to themselves in other most respectful ways.

You will notice that material in the right column refers to healing and wellness matters. Some of the graphics are inspired by the creations of Luwatitalani - Bonita Martin Kennedy. Her work and her goodness as a human being are a constant inspiration for many.

The residential schools issue is a key element of our focus for healing and wellness. Afterall, it makes sense that we learn more about the residential school experience - the source of much of what ails us as a people-individuals,children and families, and communities. We will provide plenty of useful information, an opportunity fordiscussion, and access to ample resources that can help us better understand the challenges and the solutions.

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