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Welcome and thanks for visiting Turtle Island Native Network Your best online source for Aboriginal news and information

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Turtle Island Native Network

June 21, 1998 - June 21, 2008

A note from the Publisher and Editor:
Tehaliwaskenhas - Bob Kennedy, Oneida


First, I acknowledge the Coast Salish Peoples upon whose traditional lands I currently reside and work. As a visitor and guest I say in their language- Hychka. Thank you! In my Oneida language Yaw^ko. Big Thanks!

Turtle Island Native Network is an award-winning news and information network - a contribution to the growing world of aboriginal journalism specifically 'Net' or 'Cyber' journalism.

It was established in honour of all the people who have gone before us. Those who despite all of the challenges, struggled to keep us alive in this world. Veterans and Warriors. Our parents, grandparents and the many generations before. Those who lived and worked so hard to provide us with the opportunities we now enjoy in our lives.

It aims to express gratitude and inspire us to do the same for the new generations.

It's not all serious stuff. It's for FUN too! There's theatre and music, sports and food, to name a few.

One of the joys of this internet medium is that we can have a publication that's unique, in constant motion, at times alive like an accordion - it shrinks and grows. Turtle Island Native Network doesn't have to be a 'daily' or a 'weekly', because in some ways it can be both, even more or less depending on what your immediate needs are.

Some of the rules of traditional journalism are still handy, but they're not the be-all and end-all. We have more options here. For example, among the many features of the site, we focus on the issues, like Protecting Mother Earth or Healing and Wellness. That means we can constantly build on the subject, enhance it, explore it, and you can interact with it.

In many ways it is unlike mainstream newspapers and radio broadcasts. We can provide news updates without having to bring out the big eraser. No need for daily 'etch-a-sketch' journalism here.

If an article or feature is significant enough, it stays put.

Our content has stamina-staying power. Unless of course we need to change it, correct it...ok, even get rid of it so we can move on to something else.

The purpose and objectives of Turtle Island Native Network are simple, but achieving them is complex, like the worldwide web itself.

There's so much information, that we may need to be guided through the maze, and so that's one of our purposes here - to provide a well-managed intersection on the Information Highway.

As well, we want to provide a place for politics - and to exchange news, information, perspectives and expertise on the compelling issues facing Native Peoples.


Also, to provide you with an internet source for easy access to valuable resources related to the issues affecting our lives and those of our families, friends and communities.

We showcase the many achievements of the people. We honour our culture, traditional and contemporary - the languages, stories, education, music, business, to name just a few of the features.

We will honour the people - elders, veterans, women, youth, two-spirit people,--- children and families...all our relations!

There will be opportunities for discussion about the many things that are important to us, a chance for you to be heard, (and seen if you'd like)--- an opportunity to share.

We want to provide all of these services in a professional, creative and respectful way, with the ultimate goal to help strengthen individuals, their organizations and their communities.

The site is about all the people in all the communities - reserves, reservations, and urban.

Turtle Island Native Network is a news and information network available to everyone, aboriginal and non-aboriginal.

Enough said. Read on, move on at your own pace through the current features, come back and visit often. This place has life and that means constant change. Please feel free to contact us when you have questions, answers, concerns, or positive, creative suggestions.

Please - if you spot any broken links, outdated sites,etc. - let us know as quickly as possible. Yaw ^ ko': - Thanks!

- All My Relations -

Your host is Tehaliwaskenhas - Bob Kennedy the publisher and editor of Turtle Island Native Network.

This project is a gift from the Master Creator.

A grateful member of the turtle clan - Haudenosaunee, Onyota'a:kaOneida Nation of the Thames.

Self-taught webmaster - award winning broadcast and net journalist - a regular contributor of news and comment.

A diversified background has provided him with the opportunity to learn more about our issues.

He has worked as a communications and community relations advisor to businesses, first nation, provincial and federal governments.

A successful land claims negotiator; mediator.

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© All contents are copyright 1998 - 2016
No material from this site may be reproduced, modified, republished,
transmitted or distributed in any way without the owner's prior approval.
All Rights Reserved by Tehaliwaskenhas Bob Kennedy
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