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Welcome and thanks for visiting Turtle Island Native Network Your best online source for Aboriginal news and information

The Metis
Meet the many who are Proud to be Metis
(Michif for, Hello)

The Definition of Metis
"Metis means a person who self identifies as Metis,
is of historic Metis Nation ancestry,
is distinct from other Aboriginal peoples
and is accepted by the Metis Nation."
MNC AGM, Edmonton Sept 27, 2002
Metis Nation

Metis Nation Constitutional Reform

Profile of the Metis in Canada

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Learn Michif

Metis Veterans

Metis Youth


Canoe Expeditions

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Louis Riel
Louis Riel

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Metis Historic Database

- - -
Gabriel Dumont
Gabriel Dumont Institute
- - -

Who are the Metis people?
People of mixed First Nations and European ancestry
who identify themselves as Metis people and are accepted as such
by a Metis community and/or its leadership.
They are distinct from First Nations, Inuit or non-Aboriginal peoples.
The Metis history and culture draws on diverse ancestral origins
such as Ojibway and Cree, Scottish, Irish, French.
(Government of Alberta definition)

Metis are people who self-identify as Metis
and are not registered under the Indian Act
(Government of Manitoba definition)
- - - - - - -
Metis Genealogy
- - - - - - -

Article 10 of the Metis Nation - Saskatchewan Constitution defines "Metis" as:
'Metis' means an Aboriginal person who self-identifies as Metis, who is distinct from Indian and Inuit, and:
is a descendant of those Metis who received or were entitled to receive land grants and/or Scrip under the provision of the Manitoba Act, 1870 or the Dominion Lands Act, as enacted from time to time; or
a person of Aboriginal descent who is accepted by the Metis Nation and/or Metis Community.
(Amended Dec. 13/97)

"Aen kwa ney taa maak nutr lawng Michif"
. . . Michif for, "Keeping Our Talk"
Michif Historical and Cultural Preservation Society

Nova Metis Heritage Association

Metis Museum

Metis Health Centre

Walk Bravely Forward

News From the Metis Homelands

Metis Commission for Children and Families

Metis Crossing

The Powley Decision
Metis will no longer have to
". . .skulk through the forest like criminals
when exercising their constitutional rights"

Metis Law Summary 2006
.pdf file

Metis Books | Metis Games | Metis History | Metis Scrip Records

Louis Riel Day | Riel Institute

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Metis Fiddler Quartet

Metis Nation of Ontario President Tony Belcourt

Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal

Metis Settlements General Council

Winnipeg Metis

Metis Resource Centre

Metis of The Pas

NW Metis Council

Selkirk Red River Metis

Interlake Metis Association

Metis Nation BC

Coalition of Concerned Metis Citizens

BC Metis Assembly
of Natural Resources

Vancouver Metis Assoc.

Fraser Valley Metis

Metis Nation of Greater Victoria

Kootenay Region Metis

Prince George Metis Elders Society

Manitoba Metis Federation

Cherry Creek Metis Council

Metis Nation of Saskatchewan

Central Urban Metis Federation

Ile-a-la Crosse

Metis Nation of Alberta

Metis Settlements
General Council of Alberta

Metis Nation of Alberta Zone 3

North Slave Metis Alliance

Fort Providence Metis Community

Canadian Metis Council

Metis Cultural Dance Society

Algoma Metis Loggers

Northumberland Metis Council

Metis Nation of Canada

Metis Nation of Ontario

Toronto Metis Council

Credit River Metis Council

Oshawa Metis Council

Thunder Bay Metis Council

Metis Family Services

Metis Child and Family Services

Metis Community Services

Metis National Council of Women

Metis Youth

Red Sky Metis

Temiskaming Metis

Metis of Quebec / Eastern Canada

Labrador Metis Nation

Unama'ki Voyageurs Metis Nation

New Breed Magazine | Metis Matters

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